Monday, July 12, 2004

Who am I?

As I stand in this dark corner,
Wanting and waiting to be heard
I begin to wonder,
Who am I?

Am I the person I was yesterday?
Or did I change while I dreamt?
Am I the person God intended me to be?
Or am I just another lonely soul
Walking the Earth with no purpose in life?
Who am I?

Am I who I who I think I am?
Or am I the image of
A hopeless soul full of failure and defeat?
\Who am I?

Watching You

May the angels watch you as you sleep
And drift into a wondrous dream
May they keep you safe from the worlds harm
Until I can safely hold you in my arms
May the angels watch you as you wake
And keep you safe throughout the day
May the angels bless you from above
And keep you, my one true love
Away from life's dangerous games and hurtful lies

My Eternal Love

Everyday I seem to fall in love with you more and more
Knowing that my love for you can do nothing but grow
Since love is said to be rare and precious
Then the love I have for you is both priceless and neither can be explained
Your love for me is the only feeling
That keeps me sane in this crazy world
And the only feeling that gives me hope
For a passionate future with you
People tell me that loving someone gets old
But loving you everyday
Gives me a new warm feeling that I thrive for daily
Time may try to expire our love
But my love for you is
My love for you is eternal